The Customer Advantage – Why Is No One Telling The Truth About The Customer Advantage

This article will most likely be some what different than others you’ve read about The Customer Advantage. I plan to cover some important details left out of most work from home business opportunity presentations. This is a new company in prelaunch and is being marketed as an option to Living Social and Groupon which shares revenue with their members. The business model is not new but seems to be a very popular one. Groupon has been in business for approximately 2 years now and has over 40 million members and counting. Some say it is the fastest growing company on the planet. This really is not surprising with today’s economy as everyone wants to cut costs any way possible.

What is The Customer Advantage Product and How Does it Work ?

The Customer Advantage members join free and each day the member is going to be getting offers from area businesses for a product or service with a considerable discount, generally around 50% off. New offers from businesses are sent out every day. The business owners will save a lot of money in advertising and will also be gaining new customers. Members are going to be saving 50% off or more on products and services they will likely be buying any way and businesses always need new customers. This looks to be a win/win situation for both the members and also the business owners.

The Customer Advantage Founder

The founder of The Customer Advantage is John Milanoski. Milanoski is an extremely successful internet marketer with a considerable amount of experience and is most likely best known for his Marketing Millionaire Training System. While paying close attention at the trends in the marketplace, he saw the potential of utilizing social media to benefit the local marketplace. He took the idea of a socially driven consumer service that gives local shopping discounts and blended it with a network marketing opportunity. The addition of the network marketing component is what makes his company different from the two forerunners in this marketing segment.

The Customer Advantage Compensation Plan

Customer Advantage is really a multi-level marketing business opportunity and is built around personal referrals. Members get a free personal company website to market their new business. Every time a member brings in a new personal referral and they make a purchase, the member receives 5% of that purchase. The member also will receive a 5% commission override on all referrals in their downline 5 levels deep. Whenever a member recruits a local business, they’re going to receive a 2% commission on all sales generated from the offers from that business. There is not a lot more about the compensation plan because of the limited information at the time of this post.

Will The Customer Advantage Have What It Takes For Long-Term Industry Success?

My opinion, being a very successful network marketer, The Customer Advantage has the potential. The company is in pre-launch and appears that they are launching in March, so we will have to wait and see. The business model has a successful track record and the product is extremely good. With the way the economy is, everyone really wants to save money. As far as the earning potential goes, it has been proven over time, like with any MLM Opportunity, the bottom line is, you must know “how to market” so that you can achieve success. You must have a constant stream of top quality leads and be ready to teach those leads duplication.

Online Marketing Research Surveys

One of the most important things you can do as you grow your business is to know the market you chose. so let’s talk about market research.

A great way to find out what’s really “hot” is to conduct online market research. Although a great advise, lots of people have no clue where to begin. Moving into your online market research, let’s imagine that your market is interested in food. You may simply click the link on the right side of the main page to take you to the cooking, food and wine etc., section. There you will definitely find great number of best-sellers in that category. One of the popular books is by Rachael R. Another is, for example by Martha Stewart. On the holiday’s eve, recipe books are going to be really popular. The only thing I want to say is that we have to know what people are really need.

For the online marketers Google Keyword Tool is a good gadget. It is really important, we know how to use it and interpret the results. In this article I will go over exactly what it is and how it can be used by you to help in making money online. Here is a great example of what you can use it for. Let’s say you are interested in selling any kind of products on ‘make money online’. In order to get some idea as to how many people online are interested in this topic, you may type terms (as keywords) into Google’s Keyword tool, for example ‘Make money online’.

The result will give you an indication of how many people are searching for this. Also provide other valuable information on the market in general. While generating keywords, you can get back something inflated results. Nevertheless, you can narrow your results by clicking on ‘match type’, and change the results from ‘broad’ to ‘exact’ this is possible. This will reduce the Global Monthly Volume results. The reason is that it is now only show the results for people who is searching exactly for the terms you have selected.

Using this information will definitely help you to know what the market has a high interest in at any time. This will allow you to customise your marketing and promotions material to address your market’s needs.

Without a shade of a doubt, online marketing research is important for any sort of business – on- or off-line business. The information in the research helps to give a clear vision of what the market wants. If you need the best marketing research service price, then ask for the marketing research price quote at any service and very soon you will see who is ready to do the job for your for the best price.