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Article Marketing.

Can you do the following? Write a article on any subject of your choice of about 350 words. Add a hypnotic heading. Post at a article website. It sounds for some very easy and for other a daunting exercise. Well it does not have to be. If someone explains to you step by step with video on how and what to do, do you still think it’s difficult? If you can follow a teacher explaining the steps and then you copy, you can make money. Well take a look at my friend, Fred Hopkins site and follow his lead. With his witty and easy ways he will convert you. You do not need to buy his product, just sign-up and he will send you a few videos that you can already follow. Go to Article Marketing Dojo and write yourself rich


Do you like to put your ideas to words? Do you like chatting to your friends? Do you want the world to listen and hear your ideas? If any of above is true, then you can become the next big Blogger. A Blog is a way to express yourself. The nice thing about this is that you can also sell on your blog and monetize it. People do this in various ways, either they put advertizing on the blog, they review products, they sell affiliate products or they sell there own product as part of their talking with the readers. If you think you can do this, then Blogging might be the way to do business and start your online career. Go to: Blogging to the bank and start making money the easy way. Talk yourself to financial freedom

Bum Marketing

Does building your own website, programming with HTML code, getting info together sounds just too much to bear, but you still want a career as a internet marketer. Well, there is an option, why not use other people’s effort and build your career around that. How you will ask? Well it’s a method called Bum Marketing. You find a product using your $5 a day method, sign-up for the relevant affiliate program, then build a network of marketing methods around other people’s efforts. You register a domain name and point the name to the affiliate’s website. Once people click on your domain name, they get routed to the actual site of your product seller and you can even have your domain name shown up at the URL box. If this sounds like a way to get yourself started Click Here! And “bum” a few dollars in your pocket.

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